Janis Jones Loverin

Janis Loverin with Painting, Conversation with the Creative Spirit

Janis Loverin is a painter and fine jewelry designer with something to say. Whether she is painting her lavishly colored impressions of the New Mexico landscape, her spiritual Earth Angels series, or creating fine jewelry, her message is the same.“Ideally…art should have meaning as well as beauty.”  -Janis Loverin’s ability to express herself in the three diverse mediums of oil, acrylic, and watercolor seems exceptional.  Likewise, her ability to incorporate her strong sense of design into the opulent and ever hopeful fine jewelry pieces is something extraordinary, and not to be missed. Loverin’s art collectors as well as her jewelry collectors recognize the way she adeptly transforms the ordinary into vibrant and magical expressions of the world around us, and yes…sometimes beyond us, as in her Earth Angel creations. Recently, her popular Earth Angel paintings became the true inspiration for Janis Loverin Fine Jewelry.  From Loverin’s original  drawings to hand-carved waxes, and prototypes to finished pieces, the dream and the inspiration carried her through this complex process which now reveals itself to us as wearable representations of “Divine Spirit with Us”.

Janis has translated this comforting message from the artistic medium of painting to another equally creative form…fine jewelry.   You’ll find pieces with meaningful titles such as Angels Among Us, Twin Spirits, Essence of Hope, Divine Companion, and Blessenger…all evidence of the joyful message that permeates her fine jewelry line.Janis Loverin Earth Angels Fine Jewelry  features a most amazing assortment of exotic pearls, as well as diamonds set in her 18kt gold and sterling silver designs.  Her collector is a woman who is decisive and creative...never a follower of trends always a creator of her own impeccable style. Loverin lives with her husband Richard in the mountains of Southeastern New Mexico.  You’ll find her always at work creating art that endeavors to elevate the spirit.   Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the New Mexico landscape and the knowing that “Divine Spirit is with us indeed.”